How to display Author Box below every post on blogger?


My blogger site is: .

I want to display each author box below every post. I followed all the steps mentioned on “Display Author Box” and I pasted all the codes as mentioned on that tutorial. But still my it is not working. I need your suggestion, please.


Hi Buddy

Maybe you put the code in the wrong place. Consider the following code


usually appear two times in the template, then locate the code that is under:

<div class='post hentry'>


<div class='post hentry uncustomized-post-template'>

hopefully it can resolve


@fadlybiluping is right, you might have paste the code in the Mobile View Post body section instead of the Desktop.

The following tag appears twice on your template, you will need to paste the author box HTML code under both these tags in order to avoid confusion



Thanks for reply…but it’s still not working


can you post the screenshot of Blogger HTML Editor where you have added the code?



@ibrahim Dear,

That is so simple to add in your template by following @Mohammad reply. But if you are still having a problem, just let me know to do it for you.

We allow technical support for forums users.

Download your template, and send it to me on the address

After adding the author box, we will send the template back it to you. Thanks.


@ibrahim Dear,

I have successfully implemented the author box in your blog. You can check.