How to Display Adsense Ads after the First Paragraph?


Hello and Salam to Everyone,

I’m looking for a code to display adsense ads between my posts like after 1st paragraph, 2nd paragraph. I found many scripts to display but all of them required a jump break so I think its not possible to add jump break to all my previously published post. So I’m looking a code that allow me to display ads between posts without adding a jump break.



That is only possible if your blog follows a consistent HTML tag somewhere. You can add adsense ads after the first paragraph if you have enclosed the first para inside <p> tags or atleast inside a fixed Div section. But normally tools such as Window live writer or even blogger editor does not always add these tags consistenlty. The only consistent code was the jump break which I found useful and that is why we developed the first AdSense Booster Plugin.

However you can now decide which location to add Adsense or which post to add adsense thanks to Blogger shortcodes. We are now developing the AdSense shortcode also after receiving your request so stay tuned! :innocent:

Which Blogger Shortcode Would you Like us to Create?

I’m waiting for it! Thank you very much. How it will work? Like if there isn’t any div or <p> tag which tag you’ll use :frowning: Waiting for it :open_mouth:


Really ? :smiley: Waiting for it :smile:


As Mr. Mohammad said, Use jump break after every post first paragraph and Use Code AdSense Booster Plugin to solver your need. . This is only way every blogger using.