How to disavow an IP Address Plz Help Guys


Hi Guys Hope all of you are fine,

I am stuck with a very bad Ip spaming which is linking to my blogger blog, It have never seen such a IP linking to my content before is there any way to disavow it ? @Shivansh @Mohammad Anyone please this site is hurting my rankings very much all of them in the screenshot below are not going away even after disavowing, help and advice will be appreciated thanks in advance.


Bro, is also a dangerous Site… Disavow their links too as they will also affect your SERP’s ranking.


I already Disavow that but that link is still not going its such a nonsense…


Would you like to tell me that Had you disavow links on both the Search engines i.e. Google and Bing(bing,yahoo n yandex) Webmasters tools…as I earlier stated to you earlier in the morning…!! If so, Hope they will disavow that links…


Hi , You can disallow the P address by using adding them into the filter of internet settings hope this helps.



What you are saying up there does not make sense, And please do not spam it with nonsense.