How to determine the responsiveness of a template?


I want to ask a Question that how to determine responsiveness of a blogger template? I have downloaded a template and I have loaded all the content of blogger template into my blog’s html part now the blogger template creator said that it is responsive so i searched on the net about responsiveness and got to know that the theme adapts the screen size so but i want to check it so please tell me thankyou!


You can resize your browsers window to check it or you can use this tool


Hello @Raj welcome to BHF my friend :blush: Well if the blogger template creator says that its Responsive then it may be but still if you want to check the best tool i can suggest you according to my experience is responsinator you can go here and just enter your url in top left corner and see your blog for different sizes :smiley:

URL :-


Thnkyou Hassan and Nafees,Hassan your tool is nice it helps me to see it in different sizes and nafees your tool is also very good I saw my site for different phone and tablet and width thankyou friends and one more thing i cannot add smileys how to add them ?


When You click reply button. Use the button highlighted in the capture image.


Oh thankyou Hassan :grimacing: I didnot see that


Glad to know that you like it @Raj Is it clear now?


You got your answer but here is my review-

Whenever I look up any blogger template. I use Google page speed to test out score. and that will give me many hints about template codes.

Don’t forgot to test your multiple URL like this


You can determine Responsiveness By Finding Some Codes Too @Raj

You can go to Edit Template Option And Search for @media Tags. If You find Some Media Tags with Size Setting and Have Some CSS Codes Below Then Believe that The Template is Responsive otherwise Not.

Extra Knowledge:

You can edit CSS under @Media too For having Better Responsive Design like Editing Width,Height, Margin,padding E.t.c on different Browser Sizes