How To Detect Blogger Template


I’m new to blogging , i’ve seen this blog which is using a premium template i want that theme for my blog as well. How to detect blogger theme ?

I want to use this theme for my personal blog , I’m going to start a new health blog , so kindly help me out how can i detect any blogspot theme ?


Click On View Page Source When You Right Click On That Blog. It Will Show You HTML Codes For That Blog. Scroll Down a Bit And You might be able to see Blogger Template Name And Author.

NOTE: Mostly Blog keep Information about Template,If You Can`t Find then Contact Blog Admin For Template Name


Hi sameer,

That’s a good question , thank you for asking it here on mybloggertricks. Firstly let me inform you that theme is no Blogger template / theme detector introduced till date. so there i no tool , which can tell blogger theme.there is a way you can find how you can detect blogger template , by using this method you can fuind your ideal theme.

Hope you will find you answer.