How to Delete my Account from 'Blogger Help Forum'?


Hello Friends, I want to know if there is any delete account option in this forum.


We use the standard Forum discourse to maintain archives of all user activity just like Facebook does. Accounts created can not be deleted but you can pause your activity and then join back anytime you want.

Closing or Deleting Your Account

If in case you are going on vocation or you don’t wish to participate in the forum anymore:

  • Turn off all the e-mail notification options in your profile
  • Stop posting

We do not delete accounts. If you’d like your username changed to something that won’t be associated with you, then please contact me


Ok, Its just for info. I will never delete my account from this lovely forum.


But I liked that you asked this question because maybe in future some users would want to pause their activity because of vocations or some other reason


I don’t think any user will want to get removed by a lovely forum by where he can get free help!


I’m a user who would like to delete my account. I saw that there is a “Delete My Account” button at the bottom of my preferences but I cannot click it.

Please advise.