How to Decrease My Blog's Alexa Rank So Fast?


Hi @Mad, Thanks for sharing the link with us. I request you to keep sharing such useful links if you refer it. It will help everyone to understand you better. Furthermore, since the aim of this forum is to create a resourceful place so it would be great if we have relevant and important discussion here.

I appreciate that you pointed to this post published on Alexa blog. I still maintain my statement that Alexa rank is based on the data derived from the browsers that have the Alexa toolbar installed in some or the other way.

When I say some or the other way, I mean to point to those browser extensions which they are considering to calculate the traffic.

Thanks, Rohan Chaubey.


Hmm I got confused! What I do? :sweat:


I’m glad can making everything straigh here :innocent:


Hi @Shivansh, The post title says,“Top 6 Myths about the Alexa Traffic Rank”.

It means that those 6 ways are used by the people to decrease their traffic is actually myth but not completely as they have corrected every myth in the post.

For Instance: They said toolbar is not the only thing they use to calculate traffic but also they are collecting data/stats from 25,000 different browser extensions.

I hope this will help you to understand better.

– Rohan.


Hello @Mad and @Rohan. I think Rohan, you are right. Some Days Ago, I have removed alexa widget from my blog and from that day, My alexa rank is not decreasing! (its increasing).


I would agree to @Mad on account of what he quoted and also reconfirming what @Rayer quoted from my facebook status. For over 5 years, we studied how Alexa algorithm works and how it ranks sites based on their site traffic data but we were badly surprised when we saw how badly could this algoirthm be fooled because it is simply the most misguiding Ranking metric which has diverted both publishers and sponsors for about two decades Alexa did little to optimize the way they collect traffic data from commercial websites and rarely provided convincing customer support, if there is one thing that recently changed on their site is their Website design!

During our study we brought down MBT’s ALEXA as low as 5K thus making it the first blogger blog to have achieved the Highest Alexa rank but today when our traffic is much better and smooth we are at 13K, Same goes for our other network websites. We touched the 5K benchmark through playing with our posting timings. For example publishing posts during midnights around the odd timings did massively dropped the ALEXA rank by 100 units if your ALEXA rank is around 10K and it brought it down by a further 1000 units if your site is under 100K. Surprisingly Asian midnight timings with odd numbers like 12:01 AM, 12:07 AM, 12:13 AM, 12:17 AM and so on dropped our Alexa about 100-200 units each day and we achieved that with daily posting. But the moment we stopped this trend or posted at a wrong even timing, our Alexa rose by 300-400 units in the reverse order which badly demotivate us. Because we were often busy with university exams and so were my authors, we could hardly post daily, hence we could not kept our Alexa rank stable at 5K.

After what we observed through trial and error, we came to a decision that ALEXA rarely monitored the rank based on visits to a site. There are sites with much better ALEXA compared to ones which have far greater traffic and organic flow of visitors, ALEXA surely miscalculates sites and provides false analysis data which can rarely be trusted as further confirmed by many webmasters if you Google.

We kept a close eye on ranks of different sites and compared them with us, their posting frequency, publishing time, inbound links and organic traffic but rarely could we build a trend which ALEXA followed. As far as those old tips of ALEXA widget, web development tutorials, toolbar, reviews of ALEXA, backlinks etc. are concerned, we applied every tip but rarely any worked out. These are just suggestions found widely on internet but they never work accurately when applied practically.

PageRank too has not been updated recently for quite a long time because many webmasters found miscalculations there too, but as far as the data for backlinks is concerned PR can surely be trusted but when it comes to judging a website traffic, ALEXA is never a wise choice

Focus only on your backlinks and orgnaic traffic because sponsors do rarely care about ALEXA anymore and this is one reason why many ad networks have stopped showing ALEXA rank stats which includes buysellads on the front.

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I don’t think Widget helps as I had it on my blog and nothing great happened so I removed it. And still my rank is much better than before.


Hmmm. this means alexa is making fool every one. Instead of alexa, Which site should I use that give me all features (not wrong) like alexa? (free)


Always post daily from same time and do visit your alexa rankings thrice a day to decrease your blog alexa rank very-2 fast. Yes, you can also install alexa widget on your blog to double your rate.

Thanks, let me know if something misses.


Hi @Shivansh,

These tips will help you to decrease your Alexa rank:

  1. Integrate Alexa toolbar in your browser

  2. claim your blog on alexa and fill the all information about your blog

  3. Maximum shares on social media networking sites and social media groups (Effective way)

  4. Ask friends to review your site on alexa

  5. Write quality blog posts (maximum 500 words)

  6. Try to bulid high quality backlinks for your blog

  7. Update your blog regularly

  8. Give a link back to Alexa by writing post on alexa on your blog

  9. Add Alexa widget to your blog (only helps you to track your blog traffic)

I hope this will enough to decrease alexa rank, thanks for dropping your query



My blog rank decreases about 80K per day is it a good rate?


Hey @NamanKumar,

Are you talking about globally?


Yeah, actually my blog’s rank is quite heigh at this time because it is just at its initial phase. You can visit it here Simplified SEO (SSEO) and please also give me a short review of it @shoutersclub .


Hi @NamanKumar,

Your blog is nice bro, you are doing a great job :smile:

keep up that good work,


Hi @NamanKumar, You can make a new review post to get your blog reviewed.

@shoutersclub, I liked the point you mentioned about earning quality back links. :slight_smile:


Isn’t this feature already dead, after Alexa change it’s design ?


My blog’s- Simplified SEO, alexa rank dropped 11578312, from 19594199 to 8015887 in 4 days. And now I’m having doubt on Alexa’s algorithm. Does it rates website well or its just a fake one? Please tell. @Shivansh @shoutersclub @Mad @Rohan


Hi @NamanKumar, Dropping of Alexa rank is a good news. Embrace it! Congrats that you were able to see a major update in your Alexa rank. Tho I would not lie but your current rank is too bad. But I am sure with some hard work you will soon cover up. Good luck. :smiley:

Talking about the algo, The algo’es were never been explained too clearly but as they say, there are factors influencing the rank.

Hope this helps. -Rohan Chaubey.

P.S. Dropping a link to your blog was not really needed.


One more think @Rohan, few mins backs I by mistake searched for address on alexa and found that rank was 4950211. I wanted to know why I have different ranks for different domains.


Hi @NamanKumar, You might see some difference in Alexa ranking while you check your blog name with .com or .in extension. This is so because, both are different URLs so you might see different rankings for both of them. Hope this helps.

– Rohan Chaubey.