How to Decrease My Blog's Alexa Rank So Fast?


Hello Friends, I think there are 14 members in this forum and 12 are expert. Can someone tell me a way, how to decrease my alexa rank? I am posting 1 article per day but my alexa rank is increasing per day! Does anyone have a way to decrease alexa rank fastly?

[Solved] Something about ranking of my blog

@Shivansh Following thing should keep in mind, while improving your alexa rank.

Here, i would like to give a short summary tips for improving alexa rank of your site.


  1. Alexa Toolbar
  2. Register Your site for Alexa
  3. Add Alexa Widget to Blog
  4. Update your site daily
  5. ( Bring Blogger and Webmaster to your site, )

From the above two things are very necessary, 1: Regular updating the site, 2: You must grab audience of bloggers and webmasters.

If your site is visited by bloggers and webmasters, then your alexa will improve very fast. why because most of them have already installed the alexa toolbar, and the toolbar measure traffic for your site that directly connected to the alexa server, so the more you have traffic of the community the more your alexa will better.

Things You Must Know

You might have seen, jobs or movies sites, Even these sites are having billions of visitors daily but their alexa rank are not that better. Why, because they are receiving almost ordinary visitors, or normal people who have not alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

But if you go for sites, like or which are almost visited by people like you and me. So, we have alexa toolbar, it measuring and their alexa are improve day by day. So, all you need to do is to update your blog, and bring blogger and webmasters community traffic.

I hope this little guide help you in improving your alexa rank.


@Shivansh always try to write unique content above 500 words. One of my blog has only two posts and that blog ranks 13 laksh in 5 days.


Who cares for Alexa rank? It is seemly nonsense! I have heard mohammad saying that on one of his facebook status, let him confirm this


I think you’ve been mistaken about this two. Is just a myth, If you read the article about it on Alexa official blog, you can find about adding toolbar and Alexa Widget is just a Myth. Here:

About Alexa Toolbar:

Not true! Alexa’s measurement panel is based on a very large and diverse set of browser extensions and plug-ins. The Alexa Toolbar is just one of many browser extensions that include Alexa data. And, for sites that have installed the Alexa Certify code, Alexa directly measures traffic from all visitors to the website whether or not they have a browser extension installed.

About Alexa widget:

No, the Alexa rank widgets allow you to promote your site’s rank to your site’s visitors. The widgets are not used to measure a site’s traffic.


Thanks for clearing my myth :smile:


Hi @Shivansh, You have raised an interesting question. Alexa rank can be one of the factors based on which bloggers or advertisers would judge your website. Alexa gives you ranking depending upon the quality of your site. A smaller number suggests high ranking and greater the number, worst the ranking is.

Quality and Unique Content.

The first and the foremost thing you need to do to get your alexa rank decrease is create quality and unique content. Without this using other techniques won’t do any good for you.

For example sites like MBT are constantly posting unique and helpful content which in turn gets more visitors.

Write Guest Posts and earn quality back links

You can write guest posts on other blogs. This will benefit you in two ways - It will give you some back links moreover it will give you a good exposure if you are posting on a reputed blog.

You recently guest posted on my blog and you know how many people have appreciated your work and at the same time you earned back links too.

Do some good SEO work for your blog in order to get more visitors.

Submit your site to the directories and join social media sites to get more traffic.

I have been doing this and the results are quite good for me. Thank you.

– Rohan Chaubey.


Hmm I have already tried all this.

When I check for my blog from a backlink checker, It show me 19 quality backlinks! But In alexa, these are only 8. I am daily checking and no changes for about 2 weeks. why?


Hi @Shivansh, Good to receive your quick reply. It seems like you are an active member here. Alexa stats updates automatically. Don’t worry about it. If there is any update in the stats it will be visible to you. Install a toolbar in your browser so that you can quickly check it and your visits will also be counted thereby improving your ranking.

Good Luck, Rohan.


Just keep making good quality content bro and dont forget to share your content, don’t think to much about Alexa rank. It’s just bunch of number :smile:


but @Mad is saying that this is our myth.


hmm ok Mad. But to impress advertisers, Alexa Rank is Must


No, @Shivansh, The fact is Remember that Alexa rank is based on the data derived from the browsers that have the Alexa toolbar installed in some or the other way.

Alexa is not an indication of real site traffic there are other parameters too. Alexa is just one of them.

On more way to decrease your Alexa is by joining forums and Blogging/Marketting communities.

And next time if someone is stating something as a myth make sure you ask them to share a legit link stating the facts.

Thanks, Rohan Chaubey.


hmm ok. But Where I will put the alexa widget? Plz Suggest by taking a view here-


Check about the myth here. and yes, it’s Alexa official blog written by Greg Orelind Senior Product Manager at Alexa.


You can place it anywhere in the sidebar or the footer. If you want to showcase your ranking I suggest you to put it on the sidebar. :slight_smile:


The Page suggested by Mad is taking me to alexa’s blog. That title is 6 Myths. But Is it really true?


Hi @Mad, Thanks for sharing the link with us. I request you to keep sharing such useful links if you refer it. It will help everyone to understand you better. Furthermore, since the aim of this forum is to create a resourceful place so it would be great if we have relevant and important discussion here.

I appreciate that you pointed to this post published on Alexa blog. I still maintain my statement that Alexa rank is based on the data derived from the browsers that have the Alexa toolbar installed in some or the other way.

When I say some or the other way, I mean to point to those browser extensions which they are considering to calculate the traffic.

Thanks, Rohan Chaubey.


Hmm I got confused! What I do? :sweat:


I’m glad can making everything straigh here :innocent: