How to customize template in webmatrix?


I want to customize my existing template using webmatrix. Please tell me using scree shots so that i am able to customize my template. I am not be able to understand so please help me!!! :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: @Mohammad @Templatezy please help me brother. :cry: :cry: :cry:


@Mohammad please help me brother!!!


Hi Jawad,

Kindly be descriptive while asking questions and avoid adding unnecessary emoticons to fill character limit. I am not deleting your post but requesting you to avoid it in future.

You can work on webmatrix just like you work on dream weaver. Right click a JS, XML, CSS or HTML file and choose β€œOpen with webmatrix” after that you can edit the files and see changes in the browser.

It would be difficult sharing screenshots and sharing all the details. You must have good knowledge of a website structure or HTML DOM in order to make customization changes to templates.


Hi Mohammad

That’s a wise answer and good help. :thumbsup:


sorry bro for my mistake and thank you for your help @Mohammad and how to view after changes are done