How to customize blogger background?


Hello everyone,

I am struggling in changing the background of my blog, I want to keep it simple and not dark. I tried looking into codes but it was all in vain, I could not figure it out :frowning:

I am using “freshnews-blogger-template” theme.

Please guide me through!

Thanks, Rahul Dixit

body {

background: url(URL of the image) no-repeat center center fixed;

background-size: cover;



find this in temlate than change the url of image with yours.


Just go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML then find </b:skin> in your template. Above the line, just add below code:

body {background: #FEFEFE}

And save the template. Let me know if you need any other help. :slight_smile:


Bro this worked like magic! Thanks for the solution.