How To Customize Auto Read More Script According To My Needs?


I am using the auto read more script on my blog homepage. The post summaries on my homepage has the layout like - The post title, and below it comes the post thumbnail image to the left side and summary text to the right of the post thumbnail. I want the post title to appear beside (right side of) the post thumbnail. How can I do this?


right of? Firstly, mention your blog URL and then explain your question using an image.


My blog is

I want the homepage to look like that of . I am sorry, I don’t have the privileges to upload images yet.


You can upload images on Blogger and then show here by using simple HTML (img src).


It’s of no use bro, nothing works… can’t show images here by any means.


Bro just add the link by using this button </> for ex:-


Already tried it… it says new users can’t put links/images


okay put it like this techsive (dot) com /imagesol.jpeg


It still detects as link and same message pops up… Guess i’d rather try it myself by looking at some other template’s code… thanks for trying to help guys…