How to customise post like this?


I want to customise my post like the example given below:

For example I have a blog names and my post url is

Now I want a hyper link within the main hyperlink which can direct like this or or anything on which I want to put it.

Please let me know how can i do this?

PS: This was the best way I was able to convey what I want, if my question still confuse you, please ask me again.

Thanks in advance


Its very easy. This called anchor links.

Switch to html editor and add id=“topic-1” attribute to any element now whenever you visit you will be jumped to that section where you added the id


Thanks @Nafees I will try your solution and update you! :smile:


Thanks @Nafees I did this with your help using this

< a name=“anchor”> Destination text

< a href = “#anchor”> Anchor link text