How to create Video Sitemap in Blogger


Asalam o Alikum,

I read your post how to create video sitemap but i am confuse i want to make video sitemap in blogger and don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how will i upload xml file in blogger? and then how will i make sitemap from it? Please Help me? I will be thankful of you. If i can not upload xml file into blogger then is there any way to create video sitemap in blogger?


I think it was not possible on Blogger , Because blogger have some limitation . If you are working with Wordpress then you can do it .



I honestly don’t find it logical to embed videos on blogger from external sources and then publishing them through blogger. How can your site appear on search results page when the video you shared is hosted by someone else. Google will instead show results from the actual server instead of displaying your site on SERPs.

Take for instance you share youtube videos, Google crawls youtube faster than any webpage which is simply embedding youtube videos, Google will keep such sites at low priority and will instead send all traffic to the actual youtube page.

Creating a video sitemap makes sense only when you selfhost raw video on your site and deliver video content yourself instead of simply sharing videos from external sources.

A video sitemap is created by containing the following information for creating a mRSS feed:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Play page URL
  4. Thumbnail URL
  5. Raw video file location and/or the player URL (SWF)

This is possible when you create a XML file using PHP or Currently blogger does not provide database access, so in short as @MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC suggested, you can instead create a site on wordpress and then create Video sitemap using a php plugin but it is not possible effectively on Blogger at present, templates which support video Embedding are not properly coded in terms of SEO and using them is never wise.


Thanks Mohammad, It is very useful advice. Actually my website model basically based on social media traffic and little bit support from organic. Anyway, Thanks for clearing my doubts in detail.