How to create the Link units to boost revenue and How to place these Ads anywhere in Blog posts?


How To create these kinds of Ads in Adsense??? not How to use these kinds of Ads in any where in the Blogger post ???

My Adsense earnings are too low for this reason I want to try these kinds of Ads on my Blog. I think it may help me any suggestions friends

Want to here from @Mohammad

Note: I’m using Google Blogger not Wordpress


Hi Rajkumar, I think these are LIST ADS. You can find these ads in “my ads” of your google adsense account. There will be an option for list ads. try it. Is my reply helped you???


Thanks for u r reply @imrannazish I want to know how to place these Ads in anywhere of the Blog posts


If You Want Tp Put These Ads In Your Post Just Copy The Code Given From Adsense And then Switch Your Post To HTML And Paste Your Code And Then Finally Publish Or Save Your post :smile:

Hope This Works For You And Good Luck For Your Blog :smile:


Thanks, @ngtechzone, Is there any code to do this process for all the posts


First parse your ads code with html parser and then, place it below second <data:post.body/>. Then, It will show below every post without any efforts. :smile:


@Shivansh I know it, but it only allows u to show one Add and that one also at the beginng of the post. And it’s not Good place to use ink Ad units


If you add it below <data:post.body/>, then It will show the ad at last of the post.


No @Shivansh, It will show below the title if you don’t know about it then ask someone.