How to Create, Delete and Rename Categories in Blogger?


I am not quite well versed with the blogspot interface and was wondering how do you guys create tags and categories in blogger. How are these categories managed and edited? I am not sure but all I rarely found the word category anywhere on my blog. What are categories called in blogger? Kindly help me , I just want to create 7 categories for my pet blog


In Blogger Categories are called labels and there is no concept of tags or sub-categories. You can only create a label/Category to classify posts in your blog. In wordpress the taxonomies are categories and tags but in blogger we have Labels. @qasimzaib has written a detailed tutorial that explains how to create, delete, rename or change labels in blogspot blogs. add labels in blogger

To understand further what labels in blogger do, then kindly read the following post written by me:


Thank you mohammad. So stupid of me to have not searched for it in the blog. Adding labels is fun in blogger. Though I need to refresh the browser each time while inserting new labels using the checkboxes , if I don’t do, changes made to the posts in previous selection is overridden.


That is one problem that exists in blogger. When you check the boxes to select posts to categorize them, the selection remains there unless you refresh the browser to make a new selection for a new category. So always refresh the browser after you have applied a label to posts.


Thank you mohammad for the prompt reply. I surely will!