How to create blogger template?


How can i create our own blogger template… I Have tried one time to create a template with artisteer but after saving when i upload it to blogger blog the blog shows a clean page… Can any buddy help me to create a template… @Templatezy I think you create many templates… soplease tell me how we can create responsive free template…


Look Bro For Creating A Blogger Template You Require Knowledge About HTML , CSS And JS and need to understand the structure of blogger templates which may take some time to understand. Therefore first understand the template structure and then learn the languages mentioned above.

PS - You also need some knowledge about JSON to fetch blogger content :smiley:


Is there any software by which we can create templates???


The One You Mentioned above is the best for creating blogger templates but it not free. (Artisteer) :smile:


You maybe doing it wrong way!!

Artisteer is best for creating a basic blogger template.

After creating a basic blogger template you can edit main things in that template like header, sidebar and post area.

Make sure you can edit CSS and other coding in template. :yum:


Don’t use artisteer type of software, that can export your design for multiple software like blogger or wordpress.

I don’t know, how can people mention artisteer for making blogger template, I am 100% sure, they have never look on template coding that is generate by artister, they just spread thing, that they listen from somewhere else. At least check your self about it. Don’t suggest anything, if you have not tried yourself.

Artisteer contain lot’s of unwanted css code, that is never-ever useful for your blogger template, it is like normal html and css template. Don’t use it, you just waste your time on it.

Here is two great youtube videos for beginner. I am 100% sure, it will surely help from scratch.

What are the Basic Tools to Create a Blogger Template?
What are the Basic Tools to Create a Blogger Template?
What are the Basic Tools to Create a Blogger Template?

Yes you’r right but i have used it personally. i know that the thing which is hand made is good but for ones who are new to css or html may use the software. Btw you shared nice videos :slight_smile:


I also tested, and I found there are many of unwanted CSS code and normal HTML tags, that is not useful for blogger, but it automatically generated, when you export to blogger template. It’s also cause problem about speed issue.


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