How to Create and Host sitemap.xml file in Blogger?


I read @mohammad saying that is the only blogger blog which has the sitemap.xml file hosted on its root directory. Can’t we create this file manually and then upload it to our root directory using FTP? Can’t we do this if we have a separate web hosting for our blog.

What is the right time to submit blog sitemap?

I guess blogger blogs are hosted at Google servers and the databases can not be accessed by users?

#3 is maintained by Blogger Team and they have full access to the blog’s root directory. They can surely create and upload files like sitemap.xml because they have full back-end access privileges. Blogger users at present can only host the custom domain but the blog itself remains hosted at Google servers which can not be accessed at present. The ftp directory your web hosts creates can allow you to only host files at sub-domains, if you try hosting files at the root directory, blogger will return a 404 error.

At present the best way to submit sitemap is to submit the RSS Feed or atom feed which does exactly the same as sitemap.xml, all that matters is that the sitemap you submit must be in xml format.

@Rayer You are right. Blogger Back-end is not open to public access at present, we can only see the front-end interface and edit and manage it.


Thank you mohammad for clearing my doubts. I will surely go for web hosting when I am ready for creating sub-domains like you did for your blog by creating this forum


Thanks Mohammad bro for the useful info.


UPDATE: Looks like Blogger heard us!

Blogger has automatically created sitemap.xml files for all blogspot blogs and they are located at

We are still waiting for its front end setting options.

What is the right time to submit blog sitemap?

Hmm Mohammad Bro! My Site, PFCI Tech! have its sitemap.xml in root. I have checked it some month ago. But I saw that your sitemap.xml is having only four lines and mine having large amount of lines. Why?


That is because we have above 1000 posts published and you have under 500. Blogger creats sub-pages for sitemaps as soon as the count exceeds 500 Posts. The parent sitemap.xml contains links to sub-sitemaps which are:



The good news is finally revealed here:


Can you kindly tell me what happens to the sitemaps already submitted manually

example - /atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=3001&max-results=500

do they have to be removed?

  1. The Blogger Sitemap lists only 2500 posts, what if there are more than 2500 posts.

  2. Does the new automatically submitted sitemap have to be manually submitted in webmasters tools.

Would welcome any advise in this regards.


You can keep those sitemaps in webmasters, there is no harm adding multiple formats of sitemap files.

  1. Blogger will create chunks of small sub-sitemaps where each subpage would contain a list of 500 posts. For 2500 posts it will create 5 sub-sitemaps and so on. The parent sitemap.xml file will link to these sub-sitemaps, like shown below:
  1. Yes you just need to submit the parent sitemap only as sitemap.xml


Hi @mohammad In my Case, i have over 10,000 posts but still i can see page=5 max Can you please suggest what i need to do in my case


Thanks and appreciate the information, it clears a lot of things for a lot of Bloggers.


What is the URL to your last subsitemap file? I will need to count how many urls it contains


My Sitemap URL is and it contains 5 pages which contains 500 blog posts by default, so i have submitted for next posts manually in webmaster tool with following



You are very clever in manually submitting it! I checked your pages 5,6, 7 and they are working perfectly. I wonder why Blogger team is not focusing on such major errors done by the team.

@chinnilax I request you to kindly create a topic with title

  • “Why Sitemap.xml File does not include all Links for Large Blogs with 10000 Posts?”

Then mention your proposed manual method as solution to help others two


Done @Mohammad Please modify if anything need to charge or i’m wrong. Thanks

Updated Post : Why Sitemap.xml File does not include all Links for Large Blogs with 10,000 Posts?


Hi , should I put the new sitemap( inside robots.txt as well at blogger settings ?


yes you can put this url in your robot.txt file @Nick