How to Create an Email List for Blogger?


Hello Friends… I want to create an email list for visitors to subscribe on my blogger blog. I know site like GetSiteControl (One of the member of this forum told me that website :smile:) and FeedBurner for Creating an Email List but when someone subscibe, they get an email like:

Thanks for Subscribing, Click this link to continue…

But I want to add a file Download Link in the Email sent to the subscriber like this one

and they will get an email like below (with the Download URL)

I hope that you had understood what I am talking about.

P.S: Does the Name of the Topic Matches with the content?? I am so confused :disappointed_relieved:


I think you are looking for email marketing service. Mailchimp and Aweber both are good.


As @Arjunsinh_Chauhan said, it seems like you need an e-mail marketing service. Leadsius, Aweber, MailChimp, etc.can help you. Auto-responders mostly are priced.