How To Create Alphabet Character Encoder?


friends i want to create a alphabete code converter in which when people type


then a is cover into


and type b then b is ɓ and the 26 code covert when type own name example and the name is

mukul lohani

covert by this alphabete

ɱʋĸʋɭ ɭoʜʌŋɩ

friends please say how i am create this type of tool in my blogger post. Please help @Nafees @Shivansh @Mohammad Please help me


well this is a language character code (Danish Language) People don’t give answer because they might not know the answer.

Well this works on a script and this alphabets are actually HTML entities (UNICODES) Please give me the source website i will try to study the script!


What you are looking for is a Character Encoder. I built a simple script for you that you can use on your blog.

  1. Add the script below just above </body> inside your template

  2. You can then create a HTML Form where you can insert any Name or Text and the form will convert/encode it for you. Add this form inside your post

That simple! :innocent:

Please write serious titles. I have edited your title, in future we will simply delete the post if this mistake is repeated. We need to treat the forum seriously


thats not work man @Mohammad please give me real or working code like you crated.


I am sorry you need to have some basic knowledge of Javascript in order to be able to do that. The code above works if you are well versed on how to implement javascript in HTML.