How To create a Site to sell Graphics and Share Revenue?


Hey guys i need to start a WordPress site to sell graphics like Envato market .How can i do it is there any plugin and themes to do it easy.Designers should be able to add their graphics and sell in an automated way and safe money transaction and the designer should get a fixed share for the sold product.So is there any way to do it without any hassle ?? :innocent: Or is there any other CMS like WordPress to do it ? If it can be done with plugins give name or link to such plugins.



I think there is no free plugins on the internet like evanto automated selling system.

There’s more than one way to sell vectors graphics, templates, plugins and make great money as a designer. Please follow the link below i hope itw will help.


Why would you try to create such a site? Can you invest $10,000 in kickstarting the project? Corporate sites like envato, devianart and 99designs have strong marketing campaigns and they invest heavily on contextual ads to keep growing the community. Further you need a proper development team for such a big project, there is no use in buying a custom CMS for such a purpose.

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Sorry i just asked for knowing :sweat: please start a WordPress support forum too


I wish I could do that but my resources and energy is limited dear @ArjunChandran

However you are most welcomed to ask for SEO help related to WP