How To Create a Forum like "Blogger Help Forum"?


Hey! I am also a blogger and I love to help you all

Now! After visiting this Forum - Love It

I do a quick search and see a powered by link


Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled


I hope you got my point. Thanks @Mohammad for this community :wink:

Another great service for creating community forums is Invision Power


Umer this Forum is built using Ruby on rails and brought by the same guys who developed stackoverflow. We are amongst their first customers to have introduced this forum to Blogger community. We have yet not launched it and will share the surprise pretty soon with all readers. You are lucky to have gotten here before time.

This forum is built on Discourse forum as you mentioned and runs on a cloud server at digitalocean. It is something far bigger than wordpress or blogger. A revolution to bulletin boards and forum software.


Hmm I like it.

Will visit it again after launching. Please! Be active on your blogs. :smile:


I will be more active on this forum. This is one reason why we are launching it


I wish I could afford buying a forum like this. I wish the setup cost and support fee may reduce in future. At present buying such cloud servers is really out of my budget but thank you mohammad for offering us this free medium where we can speak out our heart!


hmmm @Mohammad is a nice guy and addicted web-master. I think he is busy right now. But this forum is amazing (style) :heart_eyes:


It will be nice then… :blush:


I am always here umer and will be 24 hours available here! :smile:


Hi Umer,

I certainly agree to you. The Forum design and working is simply great. I didn’t expect such a great forum which would only be dedicated for Blogger users. It is a nice and kind initiative of Mustafa sir and I appreciate it.

Good to know that this is one of the creation of the same guys who developed stackoverflow. I think your queries are already answer by @Mohammad. You can further prefer reading about this community in the “Welcome to the family” Forum started by Mustafa. There he has explained everything in detail.

Thanks, Rohan.