How to create a Featured Post in Blogger?


Hello Bloggers, Hope all are doing well

Is it Possible to show some relevant posts top on the Bogger??

What I’m actually looking is I want to show posts top in the order even though those posts are older is it possible to do this??

If anyone knows about then share with me

P.s: I’m using Google Blogger

Thanks ;


If you want to show relevant posts in sidebar or widget so use Link List which is present in Blogger “Add a Gadget” OR If you want to show relevant custom post on the top with position fixed, so use notification bar. :smiley:


@syedfaraz786 Can’t we show the featured post with the thumbnail and the summary?


@Mohammad I want an answer from u… Because u r the only person who knows it very well


you can easily do this! just change the date of publish to 2016 or anything else and it will remain on top all the time unless That date! you can also change its background color different from you other posts to make it more visible!