How to Create a Blogger Template?


Hi Guys i want to Learn how to create my Own Blogger template From Scratch. i am well skilled in Html and Css But i have Little Bit Confusion in XML

Please Help Me and guide me if I need Ang Software For Developing Blogger Templates


Hi Santhosh, Welcome to the Help Forum. Creating our own Blogger Template is amazing, isn’t it?

We have a whole different category for carrying out the discussions regarding designing and creating Blogger templates that is “Design Templates”. Click on the categories option and you might find it easily.

One of our fellow member (@Templatezy) had a similar query and I have contributed my two cents there. And we are eagerly waiting for Mustafa’s (@mohammad) take on it.

Join us there: What are the Basic Tools to Create a Blogger Template?

Regards, Rohan Chaubey.


You asked an excellent question and I would like that you read this discussion which @Rohan pointed. It has a detailed answer on how exactly can you design and develop awesome blogger widgets and templates using free webkit tools


Thanks @Mohammad sir Thanks @Rohan :smile: thanks for detailed Explanation


Most welcome Santhosh. :slight_smile: I hope your queries are now cleared.