How To Convert A Wordpress Theme Into a Blogger Template?


How to Convert the wordpress theme to blogger?

Hai Friends Help me is there any Tools For Converting wordpress theme in to Blogger Template. I am really in search of tools that may help me convert a WP theme into blogger template

i saw lot of Bloggers Convert Wordpress theme in to blogger Template

i expert rply From @Mohammad @Rohan @Templatezy @denharsh


@mskian Dear,

this will cost you little bit for converting WP theme to Blogger. We can easily do it for you whatever you want for your site design. However you have to pay for that, because a lot of same requests are in pending we got at Templatezy. We have special discount for MBT forum members. Thanks bundles.


Here is a really very old post for converting WordPress blog to Blogger on MBT:

There are some plugins and sites claiming that they convert a WordPress theme into Blogger. I am not much aware of this and nor I design themes. I was expecting an answer from @Templatezy about how the process is carried out. But I know he is too busy as I myself requested him something a few weeks back.

I appreciate you tagging me but I would not like somebody calling me an expert with a bunch of real experts like @Mohammad and @denharsh.

My niche is a bit different than designing stuff haha.

You have raised an important question as I too always wondered how templateism is converting all the WordPress themes to blogger.

I look forward to hear from someone knowledgeable.

~ Rohan.

P.S. Made some changes in the topic title.


@Templatezy Thanks :smile: is there any tool???


@Rohan hi buddy this topic about converting not importing


I totally got your point very well Santhosh. And for the same reason I highlighted the word “blog” in my reply as I knew it might confuse people. Thanks.



Buddy, there is no tool to covert WP theme to Blogspot. We create every single template from Scratch when it comes to adopted from WP themes, This keep us safe both from Copyrights and html, javscript etc bugs.

We are creating it from scratch, Since, No tool available for converting it automatically,

I hope this may clear your doubts.


The word converting Wordpress theme into Blogger is itself a wrong phrase in itself. Wordpress is coded in PHP script while Blogger templates are coded in XHTML. Wordpress theme is not a single file like the Blogger XML template file where almost everything is embeded inside a single editor. WP uses PHP functions to combine different sections of the blog and load content dynamically. There are different files for plugins, theme styles and for the DOM itself. So there is no such tool which can merge all these files into a single XML file so that phrase really makes no sense.

You can only make a clone of the Wordpress Theme stylesheet and HTML structure and that is what Template designers do. They copy the HTML structure of the wordpress theme from its source file and use the same styelsheets with some customization to make it work in blogger.

Steps To Clone a Wordpress Theme into Blogger Template

  1. Choose any minima blogger template to use its structure as the backbone for your new design.
  2. Then start from its Header. Give it the same styles and structure as that of the Wordpress theme. Browser inspect utility can help you with it.
  3. Next move to the Post section and then to Sidebar. You need to have some idea of blogger inserts XHTML tags for Blog posts and Widgets in order to produce the dynamic functionality.
  4. Finally design your footer

Throughout this process you just need to copy the design or take inspiration from the WP theme by applying the styles to Header, Post Body, Sidebar and Footer. This process is wrongly termed as Converting WP Theme to Blogger

For getting ideas of how we design blogger templates, kindly read this thread


Thanks to all :pray: @Mohammad @Templatezy @Rohan


it is not Possible directly But we can Convert Wordpress Themes onto blogger By Copying CSS and Some Codes Used There… Like we can Optimize Footer Credit Bar and Header Optimization E.t.c


Thanks a lot for the Info @Mohammad @Templatezy @Rohan