How to convert a twitter bootstrap theme to make it run on Blogger


I need your help in installing a responsive twitter bootstrap template on blogger. I have tried many ways to install and get it running but all in vain :frowning: Please help me I really want this template running on my website.

URL to the template that I want to run on Blogger : [Triangle Template][1]

[1]: demo.themeum. com/html/triangle/1.1/

P.s. I have added a space between . and com as new members aren’t allowed to put links :frowning:


Bootstrap is a type of framework. This is possible but it needs a lot of time and enough amount of knowledge about blogger templates as well as other web technologies. I think you shall hire a freelancer for this work


Yeah thats right it needs a lot of hard work. As I am a student and cant afford a freelancer :frowning: By the way thanks a lot for the reply. I really appreciate your help :smile:

Best Regards, Junaid Shafiq


Im creating blogger template build with bootstrap, and im not yet uploading the newest version. But you stil can see the example here Shinpuru