How to convert a html template into Xml


Hello guys,

with my little experience and some information I have created 5-6 blogger templates and 2 one page landing template so guys about a week ago one of my friend asked me to create a one page landing theme for his brand so i created it and gave to him but after sometime he wants to post some content or articles so he is asking me how to do it! so actually I can make and give him different html pages with his content but now all the time i cannot assist him regarding his articles and also he wants the same theme So that is why i want to learn how to convert that HTML into Blogger XML file.I want to convert it as it would be easy for him to post contents and articles on blogger!

please give me answers fast!

Thankyou :blush:


XSLT is one of the best templating language to use OR Try MarrowSoft Xselerator or any of best XML Tools to convert.


why don’t you use static page in blogger? it uses html.


but posts won’t appear in static pages / html