How to Configure Contact us and About me Page


Hi Fellows,

I am Setting up my new blog but need to clear some concept about Contact Us and About Me Page’s. I know that they are Must for a Blog but I need to know that How To let Search Engines Treat them. Will I have to put a No Index to my About me and Contact Us page?

Help from Experienced fellows and especially @Mohammad Sir would be appreciated. :smile:


I don’t think you should not put a No Index on About pages but you can add no index on pages like contact and privacy policy. Actually, it totally depends on your mind whether you want to display it on search engine or not.


No its completely your choise wheather you add no index or not but i recommend you not to use noindex :slight_smile:


Thanks @vector and @ngtechzone for your Kind Answers. But I have listened that they should be no indexed to let the SEO juice flow through your posts. So I just want to know the SEO Recommendation.


@prince, I think you should not add no index to pages because you know na? Mohammad is a Professional Blogger and he knows almost everything about SEO and he has not putted no index to MBT pages.


@vector Thanks for the Kind Words. But There is a difference between No Follow and No Index. Its a Tip from SEO Gurus to not put “NoFollow” To any of your blogs link, but it is bit different. I am asking about the No Index not no Follow. :smile:

BTW, Thanks for the Help.


Sorry that was a typo mistake. :sweat: I have corrected it now. :smile:


Still Waiting for Answer from @Mohammad and @denharsh :smile: