How to Compress My Images to Increase Pagespeed Score?


Hello Guys. Hope you are all fine. Today, I looked at my pagespeed score and I was shocked! Its too low that was 37 :sob:. Then I tried to compress my images and then re-upload it. I compress it with and after re-uploading, I got that my pagespeed score has not increased.

My blog’s loading speed is fast which is 2.52 seconds (faster than MBT :stuck_out_tongue:) but my pagespeed score is low. My template is also very responsive (you can try resizing your browser).

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What Can I Do Now to Increase Pagespeed Score?


Same Question Here! LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Use Optimizilia Tool to compress your images. It is a very good tool, I also use the same. It will surely increase your Page Speed Score. Hope you’ll like the tool.


Hi guys :smile: ,

which tool do you use to check time?


Umm. Actually I don’t use any special tool for it as I don’t need it much, I simply check the time from windows clock which is synced by the Microsoft server. But in many videos on YouTube i have seen people using some specific website to show the international correct timings. I’ll surely let you know about it. Have to search a little for it. Please wait till tomorrow. :smile: Happy blogging!


Thanks @NamanKumar. :smile:

I re-optimized my images with optimizilla and increase pagespeed score to 72. Thanks Again. :smile:


Hi @Nick, you can use Pingdom tools to test your page loading time.

@NamanKumar Are you sure we are talking about page loading time?


I was also confused with @Nick’s question and the same happened with @NamanKumar.

@Nick, you can use Pingdom tools as @Rohan already suggested but if you want to compare your site load speed with another site, first click on setting and then choose a location, otherwise, it will show results from different locations so you will not be able to compare correctly.


Okay. Sorry @Rohan and @Nick , I got confused and yeah I also use the same tool to check page load time. It’s a great tool and provide every detail, like if I’m having a image on my page then it will also tell how much time that particular image consumed to load, and it also do the same for JSs. Just use that tool @Nick, hope you’ll like it. :smile:


You have to compress photos before uploading it to your posts. You can find tons of free image compressing tool online. But among them optimizilla best. I use it also. After compress then upload it :slight_smile: