How to come up with great ideas for blog posts?


Well, as the title describes all the story itself. My question is pretty simple that how we can get good topics for our blog posts on which we can create great content and our audience will also love to read about it.

And what could be the ideal place to share our content and what optimizations we should do to get more traffic from Search Engines.

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Hi @HusnainMz, Interesting question indeed. :slight_smile:

How to come up with great content ideas regularly

All the topics related to your niche are good and has potential to drive traffic provided you publish the posts at the right time. For example: Recently was blocked in Pakistan so we need to write about it today itself. We simply can’t afford to write a post about this ban after a month or after a few weeks.

Tip #1: Follow the Trend.

Tip #2: See and realize what others are talking about. Look into your blog comments. Join Forums and see whats the hot topic among your fellow bloggers or your readers. Also check the current trends and topics going viral on social media. Once you learn about that topic, publish a post on it.

Tip #3: Whenever you are free throughout the day; think about topics on which you can write a post on your blog. Once you find the topics write them down or store them somewhere so that you don’t forget them.

Tip #4: Let readers help you write posts. How is this possible? It is! Choose topics like WordPress Vs. Blogger. Ask fellow bloggers to collaborate with you to come up with an expert round-up.

I hope these 4 tips help you in finding ideas for your blog posts.

Ideal places to share your content

  1. Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Social Bookmarking sites: StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.
  3. Forums and Communities: Kigged[dot]com, Aha-now[dot]com, etc.
  4. Newslestters: Craft beautiful e-mails for your subscribers which would urge them to land on your blog and read the posts.
  5. Groups: LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Google+ groups, etc.

What optimizations should be done to get more traffic from Search Engines

  1. Optimize your images with better ALT tags, description and captions.
  2. Use keywords wisely in your posts. [No keyword Stuffing].
  3. Insert keywords in the Post title [Do not over do it].

The above lists are not comprehensive in nature. The list can be endless. I hope this helps a little at least. Thanks for raising a good question. You earned my ‘Like’.


i am agree with rohan he explained everything what do you like most ? i am asking you just share those topic try to read other blogger topic and get knowledge from them than try to create different from others ask your friend what do they like? just create post for your friends most important thing do not copy from any other blog tell your friends related to your blogger write something if you are new so i think you should create that thing what you can do best i don’t have much knowledge what do i think i have shared with you


Hi @HusnainMz bro,

Steal From Others :smile:

Wait… Wait…

I mean content ideas not article.

Use to analyze what’s new related to your niche :smile:

Read comments on other blogs and analyze what they have missed in that article and grab that point.

Join communities like :

Hope it will help you :smiley:


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Ohhhh sorry for that, and thanks for letting me know :smile:


Now you asked it at the right place! I am sorry to be late in the party :slight_smile:

I really liked the tips shared by @Rohan, looks like he read my mind. Well done buddy

Here are some tips that can help you brainstorm excellent ideas when involved in content publishing

  1. Follow Your Niche Quora Portals

You must be able to read your visitor’s mind. How? Let me explain

Q&A communities like Yahoo answers, Answers, Stackoverflow and similar are Gold Mines for Bloggers looking for trending ideas.

  • If you are a blogger who shares fixes to bugs in development then stackoverflow is the place you must reach out first,
  • If you share Social media related news then mashable, lifehacker and techcrunch and twitter hash tags is the place you must reach first
  • For Sports related news, you will follow Sports News Agency sites

Most blog posts that drive massive traffic flow are often those which offers quick solution to a user query. You must always ask yourself one question before posting “What are my visitors searching for?” The answer is hidden when you observe the questions asked at these platforms

  1. Always Research First

Never Post unless you have research your title in Google Keyword Planner tool. Never use a title which already exists online, play with your keywords combination first and build the best title which answers a trending query.

  1. Be presentable

Never post dull grey plain text content. Produce long posts with custom images, headlines, bullet lists, internal links, screenshots and video when needed. divide your long post into chunks where each paragraph headline must offer search robots a new mini-blogpost. Always try to end your Post titles with a question mark, exclamation mark or use keywords as teasers.

  1. Use Your Common Sense

This is the most under-used Tool by Bloggers!

Publishers often post without even asking themselves these basic questions

  1. What are my visitors searching for?
  2. What should I post to force visitors to share it!
  3. Has some body already posted it?
  4. Will my Email List Open it?
  5. Have I Optimized it well?

If your post answers all these Five questions then you are ready to hit the Publish Button

As far as ideal place is concerned to share your post then it is surely Facebook, Google+ and twitter, though I am a better fan of Facebook only.

Hope I have answered your question well enough :blush:


Hey, thanks for ur reply. Can you please check my new blog theme which I just uploaded on your recommendation. I will love to know about your views about my new theme :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure I will and will give my feedback on the review thread.

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