How to chooose the low competition keywords


Hello Guys, I’m going to start an Amazon niche blog. And I’m facing problem with the Keywords research. I’m sure in this forum some guys are doing Amazon niche blog. So, please share how to get the best keywords on Amazon niches ?

And One more questions, Is it possible to see other sites ranking keywords.


you could use Keyword research tool, to find out, low competition keyword


There are many of people doing same like you, to grab money fast. but it’s always not work at all, If you just stick with Google SEO.

There are lot of sites where you can promote your post easily and grab attention to your visitors without doing any SEO for Google. Mostly pro niche marketer using free source + paid source to drive traffic to those posts, they are not doing any OFF page seo, because they know very well, It’s take many months to get organic traffic.

If you want to be success, in niche marketing. Don’t just read books or some one blog post. See what are some other people doing in real life. Just take a niche product and search on YouTube, and look out, what your competitors do with them. I never like to read any post and book about success, or profit, I just see what people does in real life with social media.

Hey guys, I know it is irrelevant answer, but I know him on Facebook. He posted many times on FB groups about this. So finally I answered here.