How to check uniqueness of an article?


How can I check my article’s uniqueness? which is the best tools to check the uniqueness? How many % is required to get adsense approval?

I already use some tools but when click on existing line of my article it took me to the google search and my blog article is only shown on the search results. what should i do?


Hello @bts you can use the following tools-

These are the best plagiarism checker tools and to get adsense approval you should have approx 99 % unique content. :smile:


what is plagiarism?


Plagiarism means the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. For example showing own credit on others hard work.

Hope You Understand :smile:




Thank you so much bro :smile: but 99% unique content?


Yes In fact You Should Write 100% Unique Content to get more indexed by google. If you will do this your pagerank will definitely increase :thumbsup:


You can also check your whole site Uniqueness by Siteliner.