How To check if Submitted Articles or Guest Posts are Unique?


if someone contribute article on our website,

  1. how to confirm its unique? please give an authentic plag check links

  2. what if he copied the content from expired domain, ( the one that is expired, but not deleted )

  3. just to check i copied an article from an expired domain, and using few free plag checker, out of 3 copied articles, two were shown as unique,

  4. even if i got cheated and i posted the article, ( because it appears to be unique ) will i be penalized by google? and if not, how much time does it take for an expired domain to be deleted completely and their articles to be as safe as genuine article.


Ali Rao


I will answer them in sequence:

Although it is quite difficult to check the authenticity of a content submitted because with so many Article Snipper (Text Rewriting) tools which rotates English sentences and replaces the phrases with synonyms, its quite tough to differentiate it but quite easy if you thoroughly read the content with open eyes.

  1. The entire web is indexed and crawled by search spiders every fraction of a second or even faster than than milli seconds so that means, you must not trust any tool but search engines themselves to check against the credibility of a content.
  • My best advise is to use Google and Bing Web Search for checking if the content is already indexed or not
  • Copy and paste paragraphs that you doubt, which sounds quite general. Never copy the headlines or starting or ending paragraph because spammers often change that and give them a natural touch.
  1. Google always keeps a cache/archives of content from expired domains so you can still search them

  2. Explain this part, could not get you clearly. If 2 are not copied content but one is then simply throw that 1 in trash!

  3. If you realized later that the content is a violated one and already exists on several web pages or atleast one then you may simply delete that article immediately. Google will have already put you in the suspicious list as soon as it crawled that article on your site.

Let me know if I have explained it sincerely


I often used some online plagiarism checker tools. These software lets you detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original but now after having read mohammad’s tips, I will surely keep the advice in mind while accepting guest posts from readers.


Thanks a lot for your reply Mustafa bahi

  1. you mean to say i should not use these online plag checking software?

  2. i copied three articles from an expired domain, the same cache thing you are talking about, just to check. and i found, out of three articles copied from the same website cache, two of them were unique… i am confused. i copied from cache, means obviously its not a unique article.


@Mohammad and @Rayer bro, i copied my article i published three days back, and pasted on goggle, its not showing my site, however, some are


Since you copied them and not rewrited the content in your words then you may better delete them ASAP

This will increase your credibility in Search


i copied them from “my” site , just to test… google was unable to identify its source, i.e my site


you can try copyscape premium to find copied articles if they are above 50% are copied :smile:


Huff! At Last! I got a tool to check if Submitted Guest post is copied or not. Go to and paste the url of the guest post (You can paste it in blogger editor and then save it in draft and then copy the url of the preview of that draft post) and it will automatically find all copies of that guest post.


thanks, i hope so it helps :slight_smile: btw share ur url if u comfortable


Hi @Shivansh, He asked you to share the link to and not your blog post.

@The_Next_Rex here is the LIVE link:

Hope you find it helpful.


but is itself a link. So why he ask for link?