How to Change Template Language


Hello Fellow Bloggers, I have been facing this problem since and now I think it’s time to get the solution. Am using a template which doesnot show English as language, I changed the language in blogger settings still same thing. I mostly see the language while using share buttons I placed below post title. Please how can this be solved and changed to English check techblogngdotcom for viewing how the problem looks like


@Hiidee It is better you to change them manually by editing the template . You can use Google Translator for translating the language to English .


So what are the steps to be carried out to fix this…


@Hiidee Do the following steps .

  • Go to Blogspot and Get in to The Template Editing Mode .
  • Go to Translator and Enter Your Blog address to be translated .
  • The Translator will convert all the Un-English Words to English Words .
  • Now comes to the Blog Template Editing Mode .
  • Replace The Un-English Words with English Words .

You Done .


Thanks for this…but this doesn’t fix my share buttons language


@Hiidee Just remove the share button and add one from AddThis … AddThis have lot of share buttons .


Used the addthis and the language still remains there…I want to upload screenshot but not allowed


@Hiidee Can you please show me the address of your blog … It is better you to get me the Xml template file also . Then i can debug it .


The address of my blog is but how would you receive the template xml file


@Hiidee i can see any other any other languages in your blog … Everything was pure english


Click on the Google+ Share button found below post title and you would see what am talking about


We can’t do nothing with them … Are u tried them after changing the Template of blog . ?


Yes when I changed my Template the Language goes off but I love the current template as it has mobile version apart.


@Hiidee you can download other cool template like ur’s … Or tell me i will find some cool template for u


You can change the codes @Hiidee.

To get G+ share button in English:


And so on. If you have the codes you can even modify it or install new buttons. Also I checked your blog and everything is working fine. The share buttons are in English. ~ Rohan.


@muhammed If i can get template like mine in English I would be grateful


@rohan the problem is only with the Google+ share buttons and profile found below post title but have used the link you shared to fix the Google+ button Thanks for that.


PLease I want this code to open the link in popup and not new window anymore < a href=’’ target=’_blank’>< b>< font color=‘yellow’>CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE NOW< /font>< /b>< /a>