How to change post title H3 to H1


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Finally, I have set up a custom domain in blogger. I am using a custom template but post title is H3 and I would like to change it H1 due to have SEO advantage as all you know. I have searched many tutorials but could not find solution. Could you guys give a solution for changing blog post title H3 to H1.

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@Mohammad Bro Has Written A Detail Post On This Topic You Can Read it Here-


Hope You Understand From That Awesome Post :smiley:


Hi i am new and i have a very simple question but i cant create one because of spamming. my question is. Can one use HTML/JAVASCRIPT INSERT to install your widgets. Instead of installing widgets directly into their blogs from Edit Template?

Sorry for asking like this i really needed the knowledge and there was no other way to ask.


Hm! There’s a way to ask buddy! Just search which member looks knowledgeable and PM him. :smile:

But we can’t help you in this way. :frowning:


Could i do that? Thank you very much. Acknowledged.


Hi @ngtechzone I have tried this but no result comes actual site. Could you plese find some ways to do it.

My blog add: bloggingwatch [dotcom]

Plz help to resolve the issue.