How to change post font size in blogger custom premium template



I am using a custom premium template. However, post font is little bit small and thus want to increase the post font size. I could not understand where it should modify the code that will increase post font size. here is screenshot of some code []

Please give a suggestion where should I modify the codes that will increase post font size.

Thanks in advance.



Just add this code above ]]></b:skin> in your template:

.post-body {font-size: 16px!important;}

You can adjust the size by decreasing or increasing 16px in the above code. :smile:


Dear @Shivansh nothing has been chnaged adding the code above ]]></b:skin> in my template.


then tell me your blog’s URL. From that I may give you the solution.


here is post url::


now try the edited code in the above post.


I have put like this. BUT no changes made in post font.

.post {font-size: 25px!important;}




I have put like this.


but no changes made in post font


Try this

.entry-content {
font-size:25px !important; 


Thanks a lot indeed @Nafees It works. Now it has been to my desire font size for blog post. Again, thank you very much.


Hm…you had placed the old code. I said:

So, the edited code was:

and you putted:

.post {font-size: 16px!important;}

that’s why it was not working. But now you have found the solution and that’s very good. :smile:


Ohh. Sorry. I could not understand the difference you mentioned. Also, I could not understand codes that you guys always play with these kinds of codes. I appreciate your quick response. Take my sincere apology for that mistake. Thanks a lot dear @Shivansh.