How to change my blog from red to blue?


I’m a newbie and learnt everything from MBT, once again thank you. I bought a template, domain etc and customized it to my needs the only problem is how do I change the color of the headline and everything that’s appearing in red to blue? I.e: The headline which is in red, the footer headline and small red line on the top of the blog EXCLUDING the search bar tags, I would like to keep that red.

P.s: Blog’s name is theticblog, just place .com at the end. Admin told me in prev post to post link but I couldnt due to error ._.


give me a link to the demo template and i’ll try to help you


Find #FD4326 on you blog template and replace it with #009999 .


is the html color code on blue color. You can search on google for html color code and choose any desire color you like and replace it with #FD4326.


There are a lot of these codes, which ones do I replace specifically just to change the footers, headers and that line on top color? P.s: Dont want to change the search bar tags or the search bars colors, thank you :slight_smile:


Its simple just use your brain for ex: You want to change of sidebars only so search for something with sidebar such as .sidebar-wrapper and there find the color code and replace that


As @Nafees already said, you should use your common sense to change that. Just use Chrome’s Developer Tools to know the IDs or Classes of your blog’s element. Just add background:#THE_HEXA_CODE!important for changing the color.

Its simple! Good Luck! :smile:


Yes but be sure to only add !important if you are overwriting CSS if not then don’t waste time :wink:


Yeah I got the hang of it, thank you very much :smiley: