How to Change Blogger Templates of a Blog without affecting Blog Visitors?



I have a blog. I want to completely change the design and template of the blog. So i need to adjust the blog post according the the new blog template. So it may takes me a couple of day or may be more to completely change the blog template and adjust my post according to the new blog template.

But i don’t want to make my blog offline.

So is there anyway i can change the all necessary needs on new template without making my blog offline.


Simply, create a dummy blog and copy some of your blog’s post URLs or generate some Loremn ipsum words from it’s generator.

Leave your current blog design as it is and edit the design in the dummy blog. When it gets completed, just upload it on your main blog. Simply!

  • Make a test blog from your blog.
  • Don’t use Lorem Ipsum generator if you have Use H2, H3, H4 tags or may you have some coding working in post Editor.
  • Export All post from Blogger of your original Blog Go to Setting >> Other Export Post and import this in your test blog
  • Change your blog public to private Setting >> Basic >> Permissions >> Blog Readers >> Private - Only blog authors
  • Now your are good to go

I have face lots of trouble in deigning my template every time I test it on dummy blog in dummy content it just work fine but when I change my template in original blog some post may not same as per dummy blog, so try to use template in dummy blog with original content .

Hope this help You Happy Coding !!! Message me when your template will be ready, I am waiting for it

Sudhansu Nayak


@technohalf Thanks for your idea. I think your idea is the best. I have on confusion. After completing my coding on demo blog, then do i only need to download only the blog template or need to import all the post also the upload it on my original blog.