How to buy legal traffic on Elightener?


Asalam O Alikum. I have a Blog www-dot-Elightener-dot-com and i want to Buy traffic on this blog form legal resources like

But the problem is this that some one said to me that "Don’t buy traffic form fiverr and" while only these two resources are currently in my range. Plz guide me what to do now.


walaikum assalam your website is good but why do you want to buy traffic? i have read your post it is great you just need to make video tutorial and just learn SEO than you will not need to buy traffic i don’t have much knowledge but muhammad can guide you properly


Bro i know So much things about SEO but totally failed in doing SEO. I personally don’t like to sit back and make back-links and all that. I just share my post to social media and thats it. my posts are got indexed by search engines very well but still they are not giving me handsome Traffic and income at at all. I want to Buy Legal SEO Services and Traffic. That’s what i am asking from Mustafa Ahmadzai. Hope He will guide me Better.


Why would you waste your hard earned money for robot pings?

All these scam schemes that rotate around fiverr and similar sites are nothing but a blunt lie and leads a publisher penalised by both Adsense and Google

I have seen several bloggers ending their career within a year by applying these shortcuts

Schemes that buy you social likes, votes and traffic to site work on an algorithm that bypasses systems and violates TOS of social networking sites and also the web hosting companies They use several tools to trick the analytics on your site by sending artificial pings to fake IP address and register that as real visitors when in fact it’s nothing but something similar to ddos attack to a minimum level

Probably @Furqan_Khuaja who recently experienced it can guide you more on buying this fake traffic


i am agree with muhammad he is telling a true i have a solution for your website you can hire Seo Expert pay your money on his talent or work than it will generate genuine audience and traffic in my point of view it is best way and muhammad can refer the best SEO Expert and now it is up to you what should you do


@Mustafa_Jamal bro, earning money from fiverr gig traffic is a myth. I have tried about half a dozen gigs myself and @Mohammad is right its nothing but robot pings. They will trick your analytics by showing 99.5% organic traffic but that’s fake. Some of the bots go as far as giving you a perfect ratio of pages per session and time spent per session.

It might trick analytic tools but it doesn’t trick Adsense. They never pay a cent for all the ping traffic even though it shows to be pure US organic traffic. Ultimately it decreases your CTR and RPM greatly because you’l be earning cents for thousands of impressions. Not Good!

The trick that they play to keep up a good rating is that as soon as a customer orders they offer him a free gig if he/she gives them 5 star rating right away. And if a customer complains about the quality of traffic they immediately refund their money so that they may not be able to harm their rating and let others know about the scam.

Buysell ads and other reliable ones are too expensive to be profitable. I dont know about adresellers dot com though.

So in short I am yet to find a traffic source that is cheap and genuine enough to get you any profits :wink:


Thanks Mustafa. My name is Mustafa Too. Sound Good. :smile: Ok Thanks for Guiding me to the right path. Now i have decided to Hire a Good SEO expert for my blog.