How To Boost Rankings On SERPs?


Hello Blogger. What Trick you use for come first in Google Search Results first page. If you have any trick that you use every time and get some good results. Tell me please

My favorite trick is search in google for a topic in different keywords than I got an idea for my blog post.

Let’s see what’s your different and unique idea. I am wating for all Pro Blogger reply :smile:


first in google search :frowning: really i dont know about this because i never try to do this :smiley:but reading is my habbit so lemme tell you there is no shortcut may be you will find that shortcut but after some time it will spoil your website

if you are good at Seo So you can do It but it also take time


But I want to know why only select blog come first in my search.


Select a unique and appealing title for your blog post. Make sure you optimized the article with a good number of keywords. Tell Google to index it as soon as it is published. Share it to SM sites manually with a small description of the post. Get comments and reply to all of them. Now search if it is being shown on top in SERP for your targeted Keywords.

More engagement = more activity => more visibility => top place in SERP

Hope that helps :smile:


Nice, Can you tell me how can I tell google to index my blog fast :wink:


Google WMT >


Hi @RohitMewada, I guess you are talking about how to rank higher on search engines. I request you to go through all the previous topics before posting a new one to avoid discussion on topics which were already started/conducted.

To improve your rankings you can try these:

  1. Request your friends/connections to link back to you.
  2. Give testimonials to reputed services you have being using provided they value your feedback and give you some back links. I have done this before and it works.
  3. Guest Blog and publish unique content only.
  4. Analyze your competitors and see from where they are getting links.
  5. Place all the Title tags, Alt Tags, Keywords and rest of the optimization techniques properly.
  6. Promote extensively on Social media and social bookmarking sites.

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Also follow what @sasikareti said.

Hope this helps.

~ Rohan.

P.S. I am changing the title of the Topic.
P.P.S. The above list is not exhaustive.