How to Block AutoSurf Websites?


Hi friends, I need your help too urgently… From today’s morning, My blog is getting viewers from autosurf sites which may increase my Blog’s Bounce rate and decrease pageviews too at the same time. Also, this may results in penalty from Search Engines. Even, I had mentioned my Blog in my profile, but for sake, my Blog is : . I am not sure how to use .htaccess function properly and that really might be needed to block such websites. Please help friends… Thanks in advance…!! Help friends!!


Kindly use the Google disavow tool. Read this post:

:link: Remove Bad links using Google disavow tool.


I would like to know how can I block traffic from websites such as autosurf, traffic exchange etc. because I have a website where people gain credits from visiting and viewing their content on my website. The most of the traffic comes from social networks but Im afraid of getting traffic from website I have mentioned above because I have adsense on web.