How to block a URL in Blogger robots.txt


As every body knows that robots.txt files are used to tell the search engines bots not to index a URL of your blog. After watching a Youtube video, I came to know that the URLs of numbered pagination should be ignored by search engines robots because they are only for our visitors to help them easily explore our blog. Therefore, I want to block all those URL’s in robots.txt file. Can anyone tell me that how I can do it and is it SEO friendly or not :confused:


Paginated pages on blogger are called search pages and often references through Labels on your blog. They have the following link structure

By default al search pages or paginated pages are blocked in robots.txt file of all blogs hosted at blogger. It is blocked in your case too unless you have enabled custom robots.txt file.

Disallow: /search

Check your robots.txt file which looks like this:

you will be able to see that they are blocked by default so no worries in this case :innocent: