How to auto refresh fb comment box for showing other members comments in realtime?


Facebook comment box is not real time, we have to refresh the web page every time when we want to see new comments in fb comment box.

is there any trick or some method to show comments in real time without refreshing the whole web page ??

Pls solve my query as it will help me a lot.

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you can use the JavaScript SDK method to refresh plugins, just you’ll need to first remove the old plugin from the source code, then add the new html5/xfbml placeholders, which you get from the comments plugin page when clicking “get code” and then use the FB.XFBML.parse method.

Update:- Another thing is that you should specify the id of your container which you are trying to purse, For example:


i just got great explaination on techpunch you have check it out for futher info.

Dynamically Creating & Refreshing Social Components

I hope it will help need further assistance please let me know. Thanks


I am using blogger template. is the link of the template. you can find the comment plugin in the last portion, near to closing body tag