How to adsense ad link units under navigation menu?


Hello, Everyone!

I want to know how can I add AdSense ad link ad units under navigation menu. I tried to paste the code in parse format under the header, but its not working.

and another thing is out of 5 link dimension units, only medium horizontal one is appearing when i paste it on template. any ideas on this why?

how can I achieve this in blogger blog spot?

thank you




link ads are not displaying when i place ads inside template.

Only horizontal large dimension link ad is appearing from the rest link ads

help needed


@SamaraSsr, just to inform you, I am under 18 so I don’t have any Adsense account. So, their will be no benefit in mentioning me with @. :frowning:

@Mohammad can help [I think] because he have an Adsense account.