How to Add Commenting System in Blogger Blog


Hello Bloggers… I hope that everyone is fine out there… I am fine Alhadulillah…

I want to ask that How can I add a commenting system on my blogger blog… I have seen on many websites and its amazing… After making an account on, and adding General Settings and Design it shows two codes, I am not a professional HTML Developer so I don’t know where to paste these codes. Can you please tell me where to paste these codes in a blogger template… Thanks…

Here’s the Screenshot of the First Code and its instructions… I added this before < /head> tag … It shows the’s Newsfeed…

And I think that this is the comment system… There was a tag like this in my blog’s template

and I pasted the code in between the < a name=‘comments’/> tag…

This is the Screenshot of the Whole instructions…

I hope that anyone answers me quickly :smile: and Thanks in Advance :smile:


I just heard about this cool new commenting platform. I guess your question deserves a complete tutorial. So I will be publishing this post within next two days. Thank you @Abdullah for introducing it to us. :innocent:

I will also update you here , once I implement it on blogger.


Thanks Mohammad… :smile: Really wanted help… Thanks Again bro… :heart:


I tested it and found that this app still needs a lot of improvement. The URLS are not redirecting properly and most are redirecting back to homepage. I would recommend to give the developers some time before integrating it inside your blog. It still needs to fix some bugs.

I will surely write a tutorial on it


Hi Sir Mohammad good day to you, I tried this commenting and I installed it successfully of one of my site. About the redirection, can you confirm please if this widgets is really good and the redirection is normal to our site. This commenting system is really good it will dock only in right side of the screen.