How To Add Non Removable Credit In Template?


The code Which I Paste below head-\

<script type="text/javascript">

And The Credit-

Designed By <a href='' id='credit'>Google</a>.

Look There is change in url but it’s not redirecting maybe one more script is needed. Please Help!!


No. You have to add them together in body section! And one more thing. Make sure your template have the jquery script. If you don’t have jquery script in your template, then this won’t work. To add jquery, add below script bellow <head>:

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>


I see that in your demo blog you have putted the same url as in the credit that’s why its redirecting but i need to redirect when anyone changes the credit url.!!


He has changed it into google and I guess it works fine!


Awesome It’s Working Now!! The Problem Was That I Was Pasting But Codes In Different Places But Now It Works!! :smile:


Cool Bro! Now waiting for your template :grinning:


I’ll surely Notify You When I Release It :smile:


Nitishk, I think he is talking about my template. :grin:


I Don’t Know?? Because He Has Not Mentioned Anyone???


I am talking about both’s Template :sweat: I know Shivansh has almost completed it now I am waiting for Nitishk


Hello @Shivansh BTW how Can I Make This Script Invisible. I Mean can I Host The Script file On Google Drive And Then Link It SO It Will be More difficult To Crack It :smile:


No. It will be more easier. Wait. I am typing how to make it complicated.


Ok Waiting For Your Reply!! :smile: Reply Fast!!


Hello @Shivansh There is also one more problem that when i inserted these scripts my template navbar is not working fine also scroll to top button get disappeared. Please Tell Me How To solve This!!


Awesome Man Really Worked For Me. I have been searching for this code for about a month.


@Hassan and @ngtechzone, the post has been published - SOLUTION: How to Make Non-Removable Credits More Complicated?


First you will need to create a text widget in your layout. Then go to the template and then edit html. Find your text widget using the jump to button that’s near the top of page. After your at the text widget code after

Title='your title here'

You will put


For expert coders they could get rid of the credit but people not good with code would struggle getting rid of it.


Lol! This is too easy even for a beginner! Some smart newbies directly delete the <b:widget></b:widget> snippet only.By the method of shivansh. If the javascript doesnt find the element it will get redirect to maker’s page!


How To Add Non Removable Credit In Template? which is non hide able with style=“visibility:hidden” ?


Yes.when javascript combined with logic.