How To Add Non Removable Credit In Template?


Hello Bloggers And My Dear Experts! Today I Want TO Ask A Question Which Is How To Add/Create A Non Removal Credit. I Have gone to many template providing sites and downloaded many templates and then i know that they use non removal credit.So Recently i was making my own template and due to not having payment gateway i wanted to distribute it for free but i definitely wanted to show my credit in it so i searched google but the articles i found were not working so please help me. I Know That @Mohammad , @Shivansh , @Naman , @Templatezy Will Give Answer To Me.

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@ngtechzone I would also like to know that How did the template sites add add non removable credits in their templates. They convert abc into %20%45 etc. I am able to convert it into percentage but not able to add it in blogger.


Let Experts Reply In This Post :smile: But Try To Create Different Post To Your question :smile:


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It can be done with JAVASCRIPT, Lets wait for javascript expert @Shivansh :sunglasses:


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Add Non-Removable credits are so simple in a template.

#1) How to add Non Removable Credits

To do this, we will use some javascript. So, here’s the steps:

Steps are following:

  1. Add the following javascript in your template’s <head> section
<script type='text/javascript'>
var aa=$("#credit").val();
if (aa == null) {
    window.location.href = "http://YOUR_DOMAIN/";

  • Now, change YOUR_DOMAIN with the Url in which the site will redirect if the credits gets removed or changed.

  • Whenever you wanna add credits, use below code:

<div id='#credit'>
 Designed By <a href=' http://YOUR_DOMAIN/' id='#credit'>YOUR_TITLE</a>.    </div>

Done! If you want to add advanced tricks to hide this javascript then wait for some minutes. I will post about it in a new topic so every one would get know. :smile:

Hope it helped you.


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Thanks. I will tell you how to hide this javascript using your percentage method (it is called obfuscation). :smile:


That’s the prefect solution i was thinking for! After editing that script obfuscate it so that no one will find it


BTW Then also they can remove it by setting its visibility hidden or by finding the javascript. @ngtechzone don’t forget to make a license of that template like me :pensive:


@shivansh brother I heard an way of tracking the template using Google analytics Do you know something more about it?


How Can I Make A License Of A Template? Please Tell Me?


register license on DMCA /Common attributes


Okay Thanks :smile: I’m Trying to Add Credit In My Template.


No I don’t know about it nafees and Mohammad can tell you the way to make a license of a template because I don’t know about it as I have not created any licensed template yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


then I have to ask Mohammad Bro :wink: :innocent:


Hello @Shivansh Your Trick In Not Working I Tried It But It Is Not Redirecting To My SIte Even After Changing the url in credit?? :cry:


Bro that’s right now a days no tricks like this work! I heard that by analytics script we can see that who is using our work and we can trace them so this may be a good option I have notified @Mohammad bhai Regarding this matter now waiting for reply. Till the you can also search it