How to Add hyperlink to background image (clickable)


Good day everyone, i will like to make my blogger background image clickable, how do i go about that.

Have done some little research about how to get my image background, when my visitors come to my website if the background is attractive or an advert background.

when client come to advertise on the blog they request for background tackover they also want the background to be clickable to its takes the visitors to the information page if they are interested in the ads.


Hmm. Nice Question :confused:

I think you can do this first by placing an background in your blog by using background CSS property and then use popover to make it clickable but the main disadvantage will be that when user clicks anywhere on non links he will be treated with a popover.


Its possible with javascript. you make the background selector ( space) downloadable whenever you click on background. Wait for an hour will try to write and edit the script according to your convenience


I need step by step on how to go about doing this.