how to add Expires headers in blogspot templates


when i check my blogspot site in he always say that add Expires headers. There are 55 static components without a far-future expiration date. but i do not know how to add this in our blogspot templates. Anybody can help me solve this problem. My blog loading time is 2.0 second and if solve this problem I get more page loading speed


I can’t see “compose new topic” so i am going to post my question under this question. Well, my question is; How to Stop Blogger From Adding Line break BR tag inside posts and page? Every time, when i create a post in HTML mode, Blogger adds BR tag inside the posts automatically. I tried to search the entire web but couldn’t found any solution. Any help will be appreciated highly.


Blogger Comes With in-built expire header you don’t need to do anything


I have searched a lot and find some quick points;

  1. That’s the myth that blogger has expire header by default… that’s totally wrong.
  2. you need to put the expiry tags as you required (explained by problogbooster website)
  3. need to update and crawl your HTML code.
  4. check gtmetrix analysis after 7-8 days.