How to add Dofollow attribute to all links in posts automatically?


Hey friends I wanted to know that is there any way so that Dofollow attribute can be automatically added to all the links on a blog. Actually I’m proving a free blog review and dofollow backlink service. So its becomming very difficult for me to add dofollow attribute to every link on my post. Please suggest if something can be done.


Its quite easy. Actually, If you don’t add rel=‘nofollow’, then the link juice will pass though the link automatically. Means, if you want all links of your blog dofollow, then simple don’t add nofollow tag. They will automatically work like dofollow.


Okay. Then why sites use dofollow attributes. I have seen in many websites/blogs HTML sources. They use the attribute.


nofollow attributes are used to stop the link juice to pass through the link because if we don’t use nofollow tag, link juice will pass through that link and that’s the work of dofollow tag. I also know that some website owners use dofollow tag but I don’t know why. May be because they don’t know this.


I would agree to what @Shivansh explained. Sites which add dofollow to rel attribute is often with rel="index, follow" attribute but even that does not make any sense because there is no such thing called dofollow attribute! It is more like a verbal expression. Any link which is left blank without adding the rel attribute is dofollow by nature so your links will be automatically dofollowed. :innocent:

All links which follow this format are dofollow in nature

<a href="#"/></a>

rel Attribute has these values in common

  1. nofollow
  2. license
  3. tag
  4. next
  5. prev
  6. noreferrer
  7. help
  8. bookmark
  9. author
  10. alternate
  11. search
  12. prefetch
  13. enclosure

The rel attribute specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document. **It has no value called dofollow or follow

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