How to add custom search engine on my blog?


I want to add custom search engine over my blog which can search my 3-4 other sites hosted on sub domain.

i have no knowledge about adding it. so pls help from scratch to advanced. full help needed…

waiting to hear from you all …

Pls give your valuable suggestions.

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Hope, you have already add your site on custom search engine.

To display results from your all subdomain, you need to use asterisk as subdomain, like this * Here is reference -

Once, you add your site, go to Edit Search Engine > Look and Feel > Select any of layout > save and get code.

That code, you can embed with your search functionality. May be some other template designer, will help you out on this, to make it search functionality more stylish :),


@Vikas_Jaat You can use Google CSE Google CSE will allow you to create your own Custome Search Engine, Also it will allow you to add multiple websites’s. When a user searches something using the CSE Search Engine, CSE will fetch results from all the sites you added.


Bro i want to add cse in my own blogger search box, i read that by using css we can hide the inner content displayed in cse as well as change the default box and use cse in own box.

if you have any idea regarding that, then pls help me.

i am waiting for that from a very long time.


I think you have not read above statement. what i was asking for …

If you dont know about the solution then please dont spam here just by giving your blog’s link.


@Vikas_Jaat Do you want to add the Google CSE to a Custom DIV Box that you developed ?


I have created custom search engine, now I don’t want to show google’s search box. instead of that I want to add that in my own search box. can you help me please.

one more question I am working on software downloading website just like filehippo. so I want to ask one thing and that is I have lots of internal duplicate content on my site because of different versions of a single software, so how to get rid from that without penalised by Google. and also I want to show every post in my search results.

one more thing if i remove these posts (old versions) from google’s search results then will they show in custom search listings.

Help me bro I am waiting for your answer.